SeaScare and Porch Light Parade - City of Brier

CANCELED - Wednesday - August 12, 2020

City of Brier - SeaScare and Porch Light Parade

SeaScare - Everyone joins in on the fun

City of Brier - SeaScare and Porch Light Parade

The QFC Salmon Derby

City of Brier - SeaScare and Porch Light Parade

Great Live Music

City of Brier - SeaScare and Porch Light Parade

There's a pipe band

City of Brier - SeaScare and Porch Light Parade

A pie eating contest

City of Brier - SeaScare and Porch Light Parade

Pirates, horses and fun for all

City of Brier - SeaScare and Porch Light Parade

Oh yea - occasionally we even have hydroplanes


Event Sponsorship Opportunities

It is the goal of the Brier Parks and Recreation Board to produce community events that support our atmosphere and entertain our citizens. As part of that goal, we will strive to minimize funding by the city through sponsorship solicitations. We feel that as a small community there are marketing and promotion opportunities that exist to our local merchants and businesses.


This festival has proven to be an overwhelming success. We look forward to making it bigger and better this year.

SeaScare Sponsors

Porch Light Parade

The official Sponsor is Brier Realty

Live Music After the Parade

Sponsored by Brier Pizza and Pasta.

Honey Bucket

$200.00 - Last years sponsor was Puroclean - right here in Brier

General Sponsorships

$60.00 contribution. This will enable us to launch a marketing campaign, obtain signs, posters and for parade prizes. Or, collectively support the unsponsored items above.

If cash is not an option for your company, in-kind trade are welcomed for use as parade prizes.

With all sponsors - business logos will be prominently displayed in all marketing efforts and event promotions. We not only appreciate our sponsors support but will strive to create promotional value that will exceed the amounts paid. Further, our events are designed to support the local businesses with tangible sales.

For further details, information and for payment

Contact: Ken Overstreet, - (206) 498-7426

All checks are payable to the City of Brier - Parks and Recreation. Be part of our great community - support your Parks.

Yes - Count Me In!

Our Sponsors

Brier Realty - Parade Sponsor
Jason's Java
Brier Pizza and Pasta - Live Music Sponsor
QFC - Salmon Derby Sponsor
Brier Grocery
Teeter Tots Montessori School
Sound Community Bank - Cedar Plaza
PuroClean of Brier
Bartell Drugs - Cedar Plaza
Ma & Pa Kettle Corn
Bershire Hathaway - Brian Rodriguez
Pet Adventure - Cedar Plaza
Ace Hardware - Cedar Plaza
The Hook Seafood Broiler - Perrinville
Duke Life Coaching
Fitness 19 - Cedar Plaza
Bow Wow Fun Towne - Kenmore
Seattle Tae Kwon Do - Cedar Plaza
Color Street

We thank all of our sponsors for making this event a success!

Any and all proceeds of SeaScare benefit the Parks of Brier.

For further questions you can contact any of the current Park Board members and volunteers:

Ken Overstreet - (206) 498-7426
Karla Wood
Ron Magnuson
Hunter Hendrickson
Shelly Magnuson
Brian Rodriguez

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Katie Dawson
Kristin Ficker

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