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SeaScare - August 8, 2018

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Brier Shark Attack!

Brier, Washington

Brier Park Board member, Craig Harris, was attacked by a shark while making preparations for Brier’s annual SeaScare. In previous years, sharks have been sighted throughout the Greater Brier Yacht Basin.

After the National Night Out event, Brier Police anticipate a reduction in shark sightings in Brier. Shark repellent will not be necessary for families attending SeaScare, unless they decide to go swimming during Brier’s SeaScare Salmon Derby.

Craig Harris, shown here, was shaken by the attack but not seriously hurt. Mr. Harris remarked: “I guess I shouldn’t have gone surfing in Brier’s known shark areas while eating kippered salmon!”

For further questions you can contact any of the current Park Board members and volunteers:

Ken Overstreet - (206) 498-7426
Karla Wood
Ron Magnuson
Hunter Hendrickson
Shelly Magnuson
Brian Rodriquez
Katie Dawson
Kristin Ficker

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