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August 9, 2006

Fifth Annual Seascare and Brier Realty Porchlight Parade

Sent in by Kerry and Andy

And Mayor Bob Colinas

Job's Daughters Very special thanks to
the Job's Daughters for their help!

Salmon Derby winner -
David Berndt of Brier

There were 70 parade entries,
14 1/2 horses
and 1000's of people!

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Brier Realty

Brier Pizza and Pasta

Brier Grocery

The Picture Man, Inc.

Jason's Java

Brentwood Hair Designers

Central Welding Supply

Pets Energy

Kester Communications

Teeter Tots Montessori

City Fish Co.


State Farm Insurance

Erdal's Custom Jewelers

True Value

Cedar Plaza Dry Cleaners

Sound Community Bank

Sharkey's Pub

Rock-It Music

Richards' Tae Kwon Do


Evergreen React

Barnacle Billy - Click Here for a larger view

Barnacle Billy - Click Here for a larger view
Barnacle Billy

Introducing Barnacle Billy, the new official SeaScare Mascot!

Barnacle Billy is Brier Bay's very own Pirate Seaweed Monster. After retiring from Captain Ahab's service upon the Pequod, Barnacle Billy took up residence near the Brier Yacht Club, where he enjoys a leisurely life rolling around in sand, tending his milfoil garden and pitching horseshoe crab.

Barnacle Billy is a creation of Dee Williamson of the Park Board.

Our volunteer organizing committee:

Craig Harris
Ken Overstreet
Guy Fleischer
Karla Wood
Fred Steele
Stephany West

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